Feb 24

I thought I would do a quick follow up post regarding the last and most important point in my recent Here are 6 different ways to properly dispose of your old computer post.  I talked about making sure that you format your hard drive before selling, giving away or properly disposing of your old computer. 

Formatting your hard drive may sound like a very intimdating thing to do, especially if you don’t consider yourself “computer savvy”.  I was going to write up a blog post about the different ways to format your hard drive, but I came across a great blog post that expains the process better than I could.  Robin Harris has a great blog over at ZDNet and recently wrote about How to REALLY erase a hard drive.  He first explains the process of formatting a hard drive and then provides a link to a free utility to get the job done. He also explains in detail how to use the Free Secure Erase Utility software.  It is a great link to bookmark or print the page and save it for when you need it.

  • mujeeb

    how to format my old desktop p 3

  • Anonymous

    I also want to format my old computer hard drive,thank you for telling me ,it is helpful.

  • Anonymous

    It is good for PC to format your old computer hard drive.

  • Hariluvu12

    pls help me

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